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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girlfriend Trip

I just returned from a trip to see one of my best friends and her hubby, Barbara and Bill. Barb met me at the airport in Raleigh, NC and then we were on our way. First stop was the Enchanted Cottage. This place was BIG and full of rubber stamping and scrap booking stuff. We were there a few hours and bought some things. Then we went to Greensboro to check out a couple of bead stores, Terra Blue and Lost and Found Gallery. Bought beads in both stores but Lost and Found was just WONDERFUL. Lots of vintage glass and such a friendly shop owner. We HIGHLY recommend this shop.
Next day we went to Oramentia in Raleigh. What a GREAT store and such friendly store gals. LOVELY things in this store. I saw this great book 'Beading with Filigree' and decided to purchase it. As I was checking out the woman be hind the counter said that she wrote the book! I met Cynthis Deis the author and store owner. She even signed the book for me! I felt very honored. Beautiful book and I recommend it highly. Lots of ideas and nice pictures to be inspired.
Then on to more shopping and finally to Rocky Mount. Barbara is a REALLY good cook. Plus she does all kinds of other things and looks absolutely fabulous all the time. She LOVE bright colors especially blues and greens. Bill is GREAT too. He takes care of lots of things especially their big yard. He also does all the coupon clipping and food shopping. Barb is very lucky.
On another day we went to an Intergalactic Bead show and bough more beads and things. Nice show.
Well I am home now and back to my hubby Tom, my parents, babysitting and even a craft show on Sat.
Signing off for now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chester Craft Show May 2009

I was sooo nervous before this show. Why? Because it was the biggest show I had done so far. Well it turned out to be PERFECT. It was a beautiful sunny two days and there were lots of people. Our vendor neighbors were seasoned and were a big help. The customers were pleasant and of all ages. The organizers were just the most wonderful people and the entire even was very organized. Will I do it again? YES! Two more shows this Spring. The next one is Somerville and then Phillipsburg. I hope these shows will be as good.