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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Have a Look at this Site!

Us Trendy: Models, Fashion, Design & Art Portfolios. Today's Inspiration Tomorrow's Trend. A new fashion company and fashion website , www.UsTrendy.com,is facilitating a revolutionary process through its website, to help democratize a sometimes top-down fashion industry. At the site, aspiring fashion designers can upload their designs for other users to view. Those users vote for their favorites, and the top-rated clothing is produced. In this way, the customers decide what is produced each season. As UsTrendy founder Sam Sisakhti has said, "I Originally felt the need to create UsTrendy when I saw the struggles that friends of mine –aspiring fashion designers – went through to find viable career opportunities in fashion industry, this coupled with the lack of viable outlets for fashion enthusiasts to express their voice in deciding the trends and clothing produced each season."UsTrendy is currently taking submissions for its Spring 2009 Design competition. The winning designer will score a $3,000 dollar grand prize, including production and exclusive promotion and sale of their clothing line on UsTrendy. (http://www.ustrendy.com/spring-competition/)

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Thanks for share this will all of us...Great concept.