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Saturday, January 9, 2010

She's Awaiting Spring

I just made this cute necklace from some small things I had. A while back I had come across some really pretty mother of pearl rectangles and ovals and I thought, 'blank space' to decorate. The one used here is bordered with a very intricate etched design. The brass frame has this cute little bird and she is looking at something. The 'something' I added are tiny Swarovski crystal drops in pink, opal and olive. So then the question was 'What is she going to suspend from?'. I had this really pretty old chain and I added some Swarovski bicones just to dress it it up a bit. I think she turned out pretty nice.


jen said...

that's very pretty!

earrings365 said...

She is PRECIOUS! And yes, definitely counting the minutes til spring :-)